MINI TWS Headset HL-A10Pro


The MINI TWS Headset is a mini version of technological intelligence.

The design of the earbuds are extremely commendable as it is very different from other earbuds. The Bat- like design provides good support and grip inside the ear and is really comfortable.

The black spherical square case and the matte black finish on it makes it attractive along with the other design and features of the headset.

The working time of the headset is about 5 hours.

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Chipset: Action 5.0
Charging case: 350mAh
Earbud: 40mAh
Charging case: 58*52*30mm
Earubds: 31*18*24mm
Playing time: 5 Hours
Colors: Black/White
Product weight: 33g
Product with packing weight:76g


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