TWS+ANC Headset HL-P10


With a major noice cancelling depth of 25dB the TWS + ANS Headset is an ultimate attractive accessory for all the music lovers out there. With the noise cancellation the audios appear clean and crisp.

The battery life is also remarkable which is 500 mAh for the charging case which gives you uninterrupted listening or usage.

The easy touch controls helps in controlling the volume and audios along with playing and pausing videos as well.

With black and white colours to choose from the headset would be the best classic choice in market.

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Chipset: Realtek8763B
Charging case: 350mAh
Earbud: 45mAh
Charging case: 58*52*30mm
Earubds: 31*18*24mm
Playing time: 5 Hours
Colors: Black/White
Product weight: 32g
Product with packing weight:65g


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